Firstly, I would like to welcome any new comers to my blog coming from Creative Therapy!!

I can finally share my news with you!!!

When Karen contacted me a few months ago to be a guest artist for Creative Therapy, I was over the moon excited!! My catalyst question was "How would you describe yourself as a child" I knew straight away that I wanted to create another canvas similar to the one I created for my niece for Christmas:

NOTE: Want to see how I made the above canvas? See the 7 part series here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

Looking back on my childhood brought back so many memories, good and bad. It made me think about what I do now, the art I create the memories I record. I wish my Mother had been creative in some way when I was little. I can just imagine all the memories recorded of my childhood, all the little mementos, the milestones, the funny, the sad, those kodak moments, makes me smile just thinking about it.
I love to share my creative ventures with my two girls and involve them in what I create whenever possible. Little Miss J {my youngest} has found her creative side and wants to create something on a daily basis but my eldest Miss O hasn't shown an interest in any crafts or art. I hope this will change as she gets older. 

Here is the canvas I created for Creative Therapy called Dreamer. Click on the images to see larger previews:

Here's a what I wrote about the canvas piece over at Creative Therapy:

"   As a child we moved around quite often so I was a very shy girl and found it hard to make friends as I knew I would have to change schools and start over again. My imagination became something I cherished and I spent most afternoons and weekends in a day dream, dreaming up stories I would write down in my journals {story teller}; making little cubby houses out of anything I could find {collector}; sketching what I saw around me and adding color with pencils using techniques that were self taught {artistic}; running away from home quite often, even if it was just around the corner, up a really tall tree or just to the back smoke house on the roof so I could watch my Mother drive up and down the street looking for me {adventurer}. Looking back on my childhood, my life was filled with many dreams and some wonderful self-made experiences. I lived with my head in the clouds, my heart on my sleeve and a great story in my hand!  "

To read more about the process of creative this canvas and how the design team answered this week's  catalyst question, keep reading here....

Hope you like it!!