Yes I am a little late but with good reason.....I went over my 25gig quota for the month with my internet so it slowed down to 64kbps....very painful to sit and wait to see if a page loads or not. In the end I just gave up!! I had to wait a long 3 days for it to click over into the next month....gggrrrrr......

So, let's take a look at this weeks photo by Allie who wrote "bring out her eyes more and brighten the colors just a bit"

I used actions from My Four Hens Photography in this order:

- Photographer's Tool Box: basic editing
- Color Play: slightly golden
- Photographer's Tool Box: soft pop
- Photographer's Tool Box: eye pop

I added a free texture {can't remember which one, sorry} from one of the many texture flickr group's, over the top and changed the layer to hard light and erased most of the texture from the little girls face, hair, scarf and jacket. That's it!

I will post my "I Sunday" later this afternoon! Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend full of creativeness!!