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{♥ kr does digi ♥}

As many of you know by reading my blog, I am a huge fan of KR {shock : horror} so I was over the moon when KR released digital scrapbooking goodies! And for those of you who are NOT digital scrappers, the best news is that it is so easy to print these goodies out and use them on your projects. As you can see I went over board on decorating my blog {snicker} as well as creating a digital page:


As you can see I chopped up papers, bingo cards, the flashcard frames and even pieces from the kit honey church. So imagine how easy it would be to print out these items and chop them up yourselves. Sky's the limit! I have to say I am loving the schoolbox alpha, look how cute they look on the page, so much fun!

What will you create today?


The House of Ill

Yes....I am the worst sick person in our family. I get irritable, cranky and complain the whole time I am sick. Both of the girls are home sick too so we are bundled up in the lounge room watching the Olympics, passing the box of tissues around. Little Miss J is quite upset that she misses her two days of preschool this week and has been permanently glued to my lap....even whilst I type this post with one hand. Mind you I am loving the cuddle time we have clocked!

I have been able to do some work on a little something-something that I am loving right now...

....11 days til deadline, having so much fun with this! Just wish I didn't feel so ill. It started off with my wisdom tooth coming through on Saturday, talk about painful. I hate needles and I hate dentists even more so I suffered in sort of Now I have a really bad head cold and I feel awful!

Ok, starting to feel all headachey now, off to watch some more halfpipe....

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I ♥ Vintage Goodies

Look at this gorgeous little mini album kit I just purchased from Tarisota:


 Check the Tarisota flickr group for a few more photos here, read more about it here and purchase it here if there are any left!! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

EDIT: Kits sold out in just 3!!!


Let's get Digital!

It was wonderful to sit down at the computer with Photoshop open and create some digital pages. My first digital for the year as a matter of fact! As much as I love getting my hands (and art room) dirty, it was quite relaxing to listen to some music and play with an awesome digital kit! I am talking about this one:



The kit is called Re-Creation23 and it's a collaboration between Catherine Designs and Createwings Designs available HERE. It has so, so many beautiful embellishments included in this kit and the papers are stunning! Here are three pages I created yesterday using the kit.




If that isn't enough eye-candy for you, you can always go to Catherine's blog HERE and to Dawn's blog HERE. They have both compiled a huge gallery with all the amazing pages their creative teams have designed. It's astonishing to see the diverse array of artistic styles that make up a creative or design team. Each artist brings their own to the table each time to showcase such amazingly designed kits such as Re-Creation23. It's always a pleasure to create when we have so many amazing designers out there pouring out their heart and soul into something that is just simply inspirational!

I'm off to paint and get messy!! Got that deadline fast! All will be revealed March 1st!

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