Continuing on from the last post.... A canvas for my niece Miss C.


Patterned Paper: I added more patterned paper to my canvas as I wanted something intricate behind my dolls body as well as repeating the pattern elsewhere on the canvas to help tie it in.

The Edges: I chose this particular canvas for it's sides. I knew I wanted to make this canvas quite dimensional adding some elements that flowed over the edges.

Matte Medium Layer: Now that I have my paper, tree and doll placement figured out, it's time to stick everything down. There are a few different products you can use for this but I have chosen Golden's Matte Medium. Once the pieces are stuck down, I added a light layer of medium over the top of everything paying close attention to the edges making sure they are stuck down.

Layer of Stain: Mixing raw umber acrylic paint and loads gel medium, I went around the edges to add depth and shadow to the canvas.

More photos and guides tomorrow.......ENJOY! xxoo