Continuing on from the last post.... A canvas for my niece Miss C.




Another Layer: Building up layers on your canvas can really give it dimension so on with another layer. This time I have used gauze to build up some layers using matte medium to adhere it and some texture paste over the top.

More Paint: I have added some paint to the texture paste and gauze with acrylic paints. No need to add any gel medium as we want thick full color now. I added small amounts of paint to the edge of the tree, the tree's knots, under her feet, a little under the tree top and some around the bottom of the cloud to emphasize the depth and shadow.

Blend The Colors: I made sure that I continued to blend the undiluted paints. It helped if I just dipped the tip of my brush into gel medium and mixed it roughly in between the colors I wanted to blend. If the paint is starting to get transparent, use a tiny amount of water to blend the colors.

Add The Doll: It's finally time to add my petite doll. Making sure my canvas was dry in the area I wanted to place her, I used lots of matte medium to adhere her to the page. I made sure all her sides were stuck down well by adding a good layer of matte medium over the doll as well making sure I didn't go over her face too many times. I left the canvas to dry for a complete 24 hours before I started on it again.

Quite a long process but it is so worth it in the end. This isn't my first petite doll/mixed media canvas and I have learned by my mistakes. On my very first canvas in one of Suzi's classes, I totally rushed the beginning stage of staining with the raw umber mixture and the result was horrible. Well the girl's and Mum liked it but I don't like it. The doll had such a pretty little face too. I just added another notch on my learning curve.

Back tomorrow with another part of the process!

Play Nice xxoo