Continuing on from the last post.... A canvas for my niece Miss C.




Continue to Stain: After a few layers of staining, let the canvas dry overnight to see if you need any more stain or shadowing. You can always add extra gel medium to lighten the stain. I also added some to the trunk of the tree with a slightly darker mixture to add definition.

Add Other Colors: Time to play with some more colors such as shades of blue and green. I made a mixture of aqua using Jo Sonja's Aqua with loads of gel medium and slowly added the color to the upper area's of the canvas. I used a shade of green called Olive and mixed the gel medium with it also and applied it to the lower half of the canvas. I applied a much darker shade of blue over the aqua at the top of the canvas adding a little water on my finger tip to help blend it in.

Don't Forget the Sides: With the sides of the canvas I added a little less gel medium to make the paint less translucent. Try using your fingers to blend the colors together for an even flow from one color to another.

Texture & Layers: Using gesso, I applied it generously over some bubble wrap and stamped it onto the canvas and a little on the sides as well. I used an old thick roll that my garbage bags were wrapped around and dipped it in texture paste a few times before stamping it onto the canvas. To add more layers to the canvas, I used some text stamps on the trunk and sides as well as adding my new favorite Unity Stamp to the top of the tree.

More photos and guides tomorrow, hope you are enjoying this little walk through!

Get Messy!! xoxo