I ♥ Faces - Fix-It Friday #54

Friday again.....wow this week has flown by. Today's photo is by Christina of 3 Sweet P's.......here is the before shot:

Here is a run down on how I edited the photo:
  • Firstly, I ran Basic Editing from The Photographer's Tool Box by My Four Hens to lighten the photo
  • To brighten the eyes I used Eye Pop from The Photographer's Tool Box
  • I then ran All For One from Random Rocks - the newest freebie by My Four Hens over at Shabby Princess's blog feature. I fiddled with some of the layers to get the effect I liked best
  • Lastly, I added a texture layer {see below for free texture} and changed the layer to overlay in the layer palette in Photoshop. I erased most of the texture from the little boys face and hair and lowered the opacity to 81%

Here is my edit:

Feel free to use my texture for your Fix-It Friday photo!! Have a wonderful weekend......I will be moving the girls into one room over the weekend, fun, fun, fun!

{click on image to open in a new window and save to your pc for your personal use}


Altered Tote Bag Giveaway!!

We all love a good giveaway and I am totally loving the tote bag giveaway by Roben-Marie Smith!!

Here's a little snippet about Roben-Marie from her website:

"   Roben-Marie Smith might still be plugging away as a public relations consultant, had the charm of mixed-media collage not lured her away a decade ago.  Instead, she spends sun-filled days enjoying the panoramic view from her Port Orange, Florida, studio, surrounded by paint, glazes, papers, ephemera, and rubber stamps from her own artsy line, Paperbag Studios.  A third grade blue ribbon in art ignited the initial creative spark, leading to diverse childhood crafting endeavors, including making stuffed animals and Christmas ornaments. 
Roben-Marie draws much of her inspiration from the art materials themselves, creating her own markings with lids, sticks, and other serendipitous tools.  She thrives on making and working in art journals, which she considers individual collages, and she keeps a tape recorder on her nightstand for those pre-slumber muse visits.   "

Roben-Marie is giving away this gorgeous tote bag she created for Stampington on her blog: 

Be sure to check out her video on how she created the tote! For more details on how you can win this beautiful tote, check out her blog post HERE. The giveaway runs ends on Sunday May 16 @ 5:00pm EST.....good luck!!


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I ♥ Sunday

Firstly........Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mothers of the world.....without you, we wouldn't be here today......lol!!

{feel free to use the image for your blog!!}

On with a few 's for today.....

First goes to Maile of Epiphanie Camera bags!! I know these gorgeous bags have been around for some time now but since they opened up shop I have had one of these bags on my wish list and it still remains there to this day.....oh please can I have one!!


A goes to this fun fabric flower garland tutorial written by Ashley from Dolci Odille via Once Wed:


A goes to Kristen of Domestifluff for this oh so cute tutorial on making a felt rosette wreath:


A goes to Promise Tangeman.....her whole blog is full of inspiration, great reading and gorgeous photography!! Have a look at these funky glass she sells at RVA....I so need these!!!


Well, that's it for today lovely people....off to enjoy the day!!


I ♥ Faces - Fix-It Friday #53

Woohooo....another weekend is here!! Big plans today...
  • Wash the car by hand
  • Create something....anything
  • Don't clean the house
  • Don't pick up the toys on the ground....the girls can do that!
  • Unpack more kr past kits
  • Drink yummy cappuccinos made on my awesome coffee machine
  • Maybe hang some washing on the line....well it is sunny!
  • Take the car to the car wash
Today's photo comes from Leticia from Blessed with Five Boys....here is the photo:

I used My Four Hens Photography actions today.....{shock | horror}
  1. Photographer's Tool Box: Basic Editing
  2. Freshly Vintage: Eggshell
  3. Lightened the eyes a little
  4. Photographer's Tool Box 2: Warm Me Up
  5. Added a texture layer, changed the layer style to soft light
  6. Erased the texture from the face and body with a soft brush
Here is the texture I created, feel free to save it to your own pc and use it on your Fix-It Friday photo {simply right click on the texture and open in a new tab and save it for your personal use}:

Lastly, here is my photo:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Day Dreaming

With the weather getting cooler here I am loving sitting in the sun and soaking up some rays to help wash away the icky sick feeling I have at the moment. The girls are still home from school and little Miss J's spreading her germs all over me. You can't NOT snuggle with your little one's when they are sick so now I have a cold.....woopy!!

I finally got around to posting a new digital page using some of Vinnie Pearce's gorgeous goodies.......wanna see...


Here is a little link list of the items I used on this page:
The photo was taken just after Christmas when we went up to Dorrigo Mountain where one of my 5 uncles live......such a beautiful place, remember this post about the clouds coming in the door....lol!! So very pretty. The photo was taken as we were driving down the mountain....the views were amazing! Here is the full photo:

I edited the photo using one of my favorite Photoshop action Urban Acid.......if any of my photos have blue sky in them I almost always use this action! The vintagey frame is by Rhonna Farrer @ 2 Pea's and the tape on 3 sides of the photo is the NEW Clip Art Tape Strips: The Solid Sequel freebie from PUGLY PIXEL! After I applied the tapes strips to the frame I added a small shadow to them and change the layer mode to MULTIPLY in Photoshop so they became a little transparent.....how cute are they....thanks Katrina!!


Well, that's all for today......off to heat some of Mum's pea & ham soup up and make the girls some scrambled eggies, grab our lounge blankets and snuggle on the lounge with my sweet girls! Who or what are you snuggling up with tonight?


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Hop on over.....

......to the Kenner Road blog and snag yourself a desktop/iphone wallpaper for May!! Here's a preview of what it looks like:

Here is a page I created that I used for inspiration to make the wallpapers:


No I Sunday or Much Love Monday this week as I have had a killer of a sore throat.....my throat swelled up so much I could hardly get anything down!! I was in bed for two days sleeping I was so ill and that doesn't happen very often at all {staying in bed whilst sick I mean...lol} now the two girls are home with sore throats, Little Miss J is actually quite worse than Miss O. I had to take her to the doctor's as I couldn't keep her temperature down....she is feeling a bit better today thank goodness. We slept on the lounge together last night as it was easier to monitor her temp and give her some medicine but I hardly got any sleep at all. You know when you start thinking your little one is about to go into convulsions because their temp is way too high. Crazy things start to form in your head until you are too scared to go to sleep. I hate that feeling!!

Off to get dinner ready, girls bathed and pj's on......then early to bed tonight.......zzzzzzzzzzzz


HOT iNSD Freebies

Just wanted to list my favorite freebies I found in celebration of {inter}National Scrapbooking Day!!

{click on image to have a closer look at the previews}

Here is the list of my favorite freebies that I have discovered today:

a. Catherine Designs - Quickpage Template on her blog HERE

b. Createwings Designs - Mini Kit available HERE

c. Lily Designs - Mini Kit available on her blog HERE

d. FruitLoop Sally - Alpha available HERE {I used it for the abc's in the preview}

e. Kasia Designs - Wall of Inspiration template available HERE

f. Kasia Designs - Alpha available HERE {only if you subscribe to her newsletter}

g. Kasia Designs - Photoshop Action Set available HERE

h. Amy Martin - Button Bingo available HERE

i. Kate Hadfield - Tropi-Blooms available HERE

Hope you find something you love this weekend whether it was free or purchased! There's loads of sales, challenges, games and giveaways happening all over the www.....ENJOY!!

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I ♥ Faces - Fix-It Friday #52

Time for another cool photo fix!! I have been in bed for the last few days with a really bad sore throat {once again} My throat swelled up so much that you could barely see the opening in my throat!! I didn't want to miss this week's fix so I dragged myself out of bed, rugged myself up, took a few panadol and made myself a cup of tea. Here is today's gorgeous photo of Angie's daughter {you can even download the RAW file to play with...see HERE for details}

Here's my edit:

Here's how I edited my photo:
  • I used the clone stamp tool in CS3 and removed the little pink thingy on the left of the photo as well as the creamy colored stick thing on the right side {real technical terms here folks}
  • I used Soft Pop from The Photographer's Tool Box from My Four Hens Photography Actions
  • I erased some of the Soft Pop action on her jumper, hand and boots so that the follow actions didn't blow out the color before flattening the image
  • I then ran action 127 - #6 from Night Fate Free Actions using the default settings for the 2 o'clock shadow then flattening the layers
  • At the bottom of action 127 there is an extra option for lighting effects - I ran this as well using the default settings
  • Lastly, I added some texture {love texture in photos} using THIS texture from Flickr changing the layer to Multiply and erasing any texture from the road surface, the girl and a little from the grass on the right using a soft brush and lowering the opacity to 61% ..... that's it!!
I'm going back to bed for some more rest....hope everyone is getting ready for a huge iNSD!! Have fun & don't break the bank...lol xo

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