A little late with this weeks FIF as the weather here this weekend is oh so nice!!
This weeks awesome photo is by Angie Arthur and you can choose from the jpeg or the raw file to work with. The photo was exposed for this handsome young man’s face which left the sky completely underexposed. The object this weeks challenge is to bring color back to the sky.Here is the original photo:

For my first edit I added sky but gave both of my edits the same editing. Here are my two:

Here is the run down on my editing:

  • I ran the Allure action from Flora Bella's Luxe set and delete the Allure layer leaving the color pop layer
  • For the photo {top photo above} with the added clouds/sky, I used this texture by Abby Lanes and erased the clouds from the rest of the photo
  • I applied this texture from Shadowhouse Creations and changed the layer style to multiply and lowered the opacity down to 28%
  • From the Extra Actions from Flora Bella, I applied the vignette action followed by the Sweet Sunshine and lastly the Vignette once again and lowered the layer to 15%
Hope you like the edits, I think I like the first one better with the clouds and the blue sky.
Enjoy what's left of your weekend!!