Time for another Fix-It Friday and this photo is so sweet! This week's photo is supplied by Amy Locurto, the co-owner of I Heart Faces and the publisher of Living Locurto


Here is how I edited the photo:
  • First up I used the Sharpen/Defog action from Flora Bella's Extra Actions and erased some of the layer from her eyes
  • I ran Flora Bella's Soft Urban action from Color & Haze
  • Over that I ran Flora Bella's Pastel Tints & Hazes from Color & Haze and used the Lemon Tint
  • I added a texture layer from Shadowhouse Creations changing the layer style to Screen and the opacity to 50% and erased any of the texture from her face and body
  • I added some Sunlight from Flora Bella's Extra actions followed by the Vignette action
Here is the finished photo:

Off to enjoy some of the sun before it vanishes again! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ;)