Being an iphone owner, I am always on the look out for new fun apps and this one is simply amazing!! I can't believe that all these little animals and their clothes are made with paper, how cool is that!

  There is a choice of six little characters to choose from including a kitty, a frog, a monkey, a baby, a duck and a dinosaur.

Can you imagine sitting there and cutting out piece by piece, I am so glad she had the patience to do it as my girls love playing with this app!

Mix and match over 180 different items of clothing, shoes and accessories on your chosen character and save it to show it off to your friends. You can even save it as your screen saver for your iphone or print it out from your computer for so many different idea's. Why not print out a whole bunch of them for a unique game of snap! Guaranteed to keep the little one's busy for at least half an!

The oh so creative Robin Rosenthal, who is a graphic designer and illustrator who specializes in designing and developing products for babies and children, is the artist behind this super fun application.