NOTE: you can find the above photo in my flickr stream here ;)

Don't you just love when snail mail arrives and you didn't expect it to arrive so soon!! I could hardly wait to rip open both of my packages today to find inside pretty, pretty eye candy!!

First off the bat was my do-not-bend package containing a gorgeous photo that I won in a giveaway from Liz over at Paislee Press blog. I was able to choose an 8 x 10 print of my choice from the gorgeous etsy store Life Through the Lens. I adore her photos! It was so hard to choose just! I eventually chose this one that caught my eye because of the little red paper heart inside of the jar...........there's one person out there who knows what that little red paper heart means and everyone else will know soon enough {wink : wink}

Look at the sweet thank you note Kristi added to the gorgeous package:

Thank you so much Kristi and to Liz for hosting the giveaway!! xox

My second package was from Frankie Magazine!!! I order one of their Daily Journal's for next year. I couldn't believe my eyes when I skimmed through the pages quickly to see the gorgeous illustrations through out the journal. I love it so much and can't wait for next year to come so I can start using it. Here's a quick look at one of my favorite illustrations inside the journal:

I love the feeling of the cloth bound book and the whimsical illustrations, makes me want doodle in some of the entries! I love that it has two pages for the full month view or two pages for a full week view. The two page full view of the year in the birthday section is perfect and the notes to self section is so freakin' cool!!! I love that it has all of the aussie holidays too, this is a must have for any aussie or illustration lover! Great Christmas gift too ;)

We are starting to wind down from school holiday mode, well I am, not sure about the kids!! I actually slept in till 10am this morning, how lazy is that! Even the girls slept in {shock : horror} but I did find Miss O awake in bed playing her DS. At least she didn't come in and wake me up like she normally would.

Off to do the dreaded house work........a woman's work is never done!