This little young lady goes by the name of Rosepetal or Rosie for short. 
She came into our lives via the pet store a month ago.
Her favorite foods are carrots, cucumber and broccoli and many different types of grasses and weeds,
but she flat out refuses to add cauliflower to her diet! {tsk, tsk}
Most days she relaxes outdoors in her day bed made up of cool, soft clover.
When she isn't lazing her days away on her soft bed of clover, 
she can be seen peeking out from a handbag being carried by the fabulous Miss J.
Rosie also loves to spend her nights cozied up on the lounge 
snuggled into one of the many pieces of strewn clothing scattered around the lounge chairs.
She loves to dig imaginary holes in or on any surface she comes in contact with,
and shivers all over when you scratch her back.

Welcome to the family Rosie!!