At 2:10pm four years ago today, the sweetest little girl came into my life! I remember like it was yesterday when the midwife placed you on my chest. You looked me straight in the eye without a single sound and I greeted you outside of the womb for the first time! We looked at each other for the longest moment, probably seconds but it felt like ages. Your Daddy was crying as he stood over you and one of his tears rolled off his nose and on your face and you blinked a few times but continued to look at us both without a single sound.

When we were settled in our room and your Daddy had left to do some errands, I looked over at you through the see through crib that was right next to my bed and you were staring at me. We lay side by side just looking at each other. I will never forget those precious hours we spent together on our first day together.

So I wish you a very Happy Birthday today my sweet little girl. May all your wishes you wished for, blowing out your candles, come true. Even though you told us all the wishes any way!

"Boo (Miss O) I wish that you get a new purple bike like mine"
"Nan, I wish that you get a new car"
"Mum I wish that you get a new camera"

She never made a wish for herself, only for her family.

I said to her today "You won't be Muma's little buba any more" She replied "I will always be your buba Muma"

I love you to the moon and back my baby girl! xxoo

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