So what have I been up to for the last few days....well scrapping of course! I finally pulled out my July KR kits and got creative. Two layout's and an album, well there are no pages in the album yet but I plan on adding to it.

The first one is a 12 x 12 page about my two sweeties giving each other a lovely little cuddle and not fighting for once....amazing!!

The second one is another 12 x 12 page of the girl's relaxing on in the garden about a year ago. The photos were taken at our last house, I miss that garden so much and so do the girl's. We spent many hours out on the porch and playing in the garden, loads of BBQ's and a rabbit or two!

The last one is a little album covered in yummy Heather Bailey material. I will be adding a bunch of family photos that really need some attention. I have been meaning to print them out for ages instead of hiding out inside my PC!

Well, my eldest DD finally goes back to school tomorrow, poor thing she has been very ill this year. I think she has managed to go to school for two weeks last term. We have all been house bound for the last 3 weeks as Octavia wasn't able to leave the house unless she was wearing a face mask (she tested positive for a strain of the swine flu) which she was too embarrassed to wear as she thought everyone would laugh at her. We've been having loads of fun playing with my scrapbooking supplies and making all kinds of things, (strange but playing the Wii and doing fun activities we found on the net. It's funny, you think you have a really big house until you are restricted to leave it, surrounded by two fighting girl's and a flu shot injected mother who keeps telling you her arm is going to fall off! How much fun can you have in a little over 3 weeks????? I swear the walls are getting closer every!

Ok, I have an album to get started on for my friend I mentioned in the last's a sneak peek:


All frames by Catherine Designs at After 5 Designs HERE and HERE