After being offline for nearly 2 months, the amount of feeds I have had to go through has been staggering!! So far I have managed to get them down to 810. Still a little way to go but I wanted to share some linkage with you all that I thought was worth mentioning AND that caught my eye AND so I don't forget about them just yet.....

They are in no particular order either:

   via The Creative Mama: they are on blogcation {cute word} at the moment but they are posting some oldies but goodies from the last year and I found this one on A Daily Routine printout to come in handy.

   via Life Through the Lens: Kristi posted this one in her annual blog hunt post of photographer Mandy Lynne. I just fell in love with one of her prints in her etsy store called Shades of dreamy!

   via 74 Lime Lane: Kellie posted some how to links and I found this one really interesting!!

   via Frankie Magazine: loving these wallpapers right now, makes me feel like the weather is about to warm up here......bbbrrrrrrr

   via vol.25: how sweet are these little cupcakes! And you can download them and make your own little sweetnesses, just don't eat them!

   via Kenner Road: the last sale for kenner road {sniff} 28th July 2010 @ 10am pacific on etsy. So sad :(

   via My Four Hens Photography: M4H's is about to have it's first birthday party and there's always something awesome going on over at Sarah's.

   via Art as Life: I am so excited about getting my kit and taking this class hosted by the amazingly talented Debee! If there's no kits left at least you can still take her class.

   via the Art House Co-op: I am seriously thinking about this.....

   via A Thing For: I have a thing for this blog.

Enjoy the weekend!!