New blog, new found health, new beginning's, new love, but I still remain old!

I have been absent for a few months and we won't go into all the juicy details, yes I know, how boring of me. As long as my bestest, forgiving, huge-hearted best friend knows how much I appreciate her, that's all that matters right

Ok, so since I've been offline, lost in the wind, off with the pixies, my cute little nephew Josh celebrated his 4th birthday this month. He is growing up so fast. Here's a shot I managed to grab whilst he wasn't ripping up my garden.

What a chubby little face....aaaawwwwwww! Speaking of birthdays, my girlfriend up in Sydney gave birth to her first child at 10pm on the 3rd of October. A little boy named Oliver and boy is he one gorgeous buba. I have to say, I have seen quite a few "not so cute" looking babies after they have been born. I even thought my eldest DD looked a bit like a monkey or was it ET????? Seriously, but seeing little Oli and watching Megan (my Australian bestie, not to be confused with the bestie I was talking about above) and her hubbie Sean try and dress the poor little buba, had me in stitches. They both have that new parent "I might brake him" syndrome going on. It gave me a good laugh sitting back and watching.
Whilst we are still on the subject of birthdays, guess who celebrate their 3rd birthday last Friday.... my one and only muma's buba... yes I'm talking about little miss Jada Lili! Happy Birthday Baby, she is getting so big and so independent now. But she still lets me roll her up in a ball so I can cradle her in my arms and say "oh look at muma's buba" and rock her a few times before she starts swingin' at me to put her down. Here's a photo of her blowing her candles out last Friday night.

No, I didn't bake the cake. That's why they have! She loves chocolate mud cake, so do I for that matter. I'll take any cake, really. I love cake. I want to have a bumper sticker made with I heart cake on it. Jada is having a little party for her birthday on Saturday with a jumping castle which I know she will love. A few kids from the neighbourhood are coming, that she plays with in the afternoon and we will be having another chocolate mud cake!

Ok, here's a few photo's of Jada and her big sis Octavia riding her new scooter she got for her birthday. The scooter has two speeds, really fast or nice and slow. Jada has had it on two wheels going around corners so now she has to wear a stack hat in case she comes off it. I tell you, this puppy flies on high speed. You have to run along side her to keep up.

She had a ball with it, especially doubling her sister on the back. Of course Octavia wants one now but I'm looking into getting her a four wheeler motor bike. FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!

Ok, before I finish my first entry on my new blog, I'd like to thank Shabby Miss Jenn for the gorgeous Shabby Blog Kit I used for my blog. They are so easy to install and use, and they look gorgeous too!
I'm off to have a look at what's new around digi land. I've missed so much!


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Ok, my name is Diana but you may call me Didee, Deedee or Di, which ever you prefer. I live in a country coastal town on the south coast of Australia and I have two wonderful girls Jada and Octavia. I care for my disabled mum fulltime and she lives with us also.

I have been scrapping digitally for about 3 years now and I also dabble in hybrid and a small amount of traditional scrapping. I have been privileged to belong to quite a few amazing design teams such as ON Designs, Weeds and Wildflowers, Micheline Martin, Jofia Designs (guest), Laura Deacetis, Milla Designs, Pickleberry Pop site CT, Madame Mim Designs, Christina Renee Designs and Paint the Moon Designs. I am currently assistant editor for Digital Artist Magazine.

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