Mustache Monday

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Mustache Monday

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I ♥ Faces - Fix-It Friday #71

A little late with this weeks FIF as the weather here this weekend is oh so nice!!
This weeks awesome photo is by Angie Arthur and you can choose from the jpeg or the raw file to work with. The photo was exposed for this handsome young man’s face which left the sky completely underexposed. The object this weeks challenge is to bring color back to the sky.Here is the original photo:

For my first edit I added sky but gave both of my edits the same editing. Here are my two:

Here is the run down on my editing:

  • I ran the Allure action from Flora Bella's Luxe set and delete the Allure layer leaving the color pop layer
  • For the photo {top photo above} with the added clouds/sky, I used this texture by Abby Lanes and erased the clouds from the rest of the photo
  • I applied this texture from Shadowhouse Creations and changed the layer style to multiply and lowered the opacity down to 28%
  • From the Extra Actions from Flora Bella, I applied the vignette action followed by the Sweet Sunshine and lastly the Vignette once again and lowered the layer to 15%
Hope you like the edits, I think I like the first one better with the clouds and the blue sky.
Enjoy what's left of your weekend!!

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    Dog Days | To The Point

    listening:  florence + the machine
    eating:  fruit
    drinking:  h2o
    wearing:  trackies & singlet
    feeling:  slightly annoyed
    weather:  almost warm
    wanting:  some peace & quiet
    needing:  panadol
    thinking:  about cutting my hair short {like just below my ears short}
    enjoying:  the sweet smell of sweet pea's on the table
    wondering:  if the girls will ever stop fighting

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    All Things New...even a Layout!

    A new bunch of ranunculus for my desk this week in pale oranges, peaches and light yellows. I adore these pretty flowers, they make me smile every time I look at them and the best thing about them is that they always last for a full week! Gotta love that!

    We had an appointment with Miss O's pediatrician yesterday to update her asthma medication as she has had 64 days off school just this year. As soon as she catches a cold {which is like every few weeks with the weather we have been having} or a virus, her asthma seems to flare up. Late last month I had to sit up most of the nights watching her breath and listening to her chest as she coughed in her sleep every 30-40 seconds. I had to wake her up every 20-30 minutes to give her some ventolin. {If you know quite a bit about asthma then you know I was totally pushing the boundaries with 20-30 minute intervals and she should have been in hospital} I just hate the way the nurses scold you and look at you when you bring your child in for asthma related problems, they are always nit picking and judging you even when you produce a slip of paper with meticulous records of how much ventolin has been administered and at what times. {I find it easier to write every thing down so I am ready for any question the doctors or nurses ask}

    This year I have noticed that her asthma has worsened and thought it was time to head back to her pediatrician for an asthma plan update. Miss O's pediatrician has been treating her since she was transferred from hospital in Sydney, down to Shoalhaven Hospital here in Nowra, {Miss O was born premi at 24 weeks and 1 day, read more about that here} so he has watched her grow since she was a wee little baby.
    He has added prednisolone and replaced her qvar with a new preventer flixotide to her plan. I am very hopefull this this will be a change for the better! Fingers crossed!

    Had some extra time today as things start to settle down with doctor appointments, teacher, school counselor and AEO meetings, and opened up photoshop and some gorgeous designs from Vinnie Pearce's Journey Back Collection.

    This collection is massive as well as being such an inspirational kit to work with. I look forward to creating something more with it in the next week or two but here are two digital pages I have created for now...


    I love the photo I used on the above page, I found it by accident when I was looking for a different photo and as soon as I saw this one I knew it was perfect. I love the way Miss O is lowering her head down to meet Miss J and the cheeking looks they have on their faces.


    I found this photo in an old folder transferred from my old pc. I had to laugh when I saw it because it is so like Miss J to be chewing on a bit of wood at this age! She would chew, suck or eat anything just to see what it tasted like, even dirt! Miss J was only 2 when this photo was taken, gosh time flies doesn't it. She starts kindergarten next year {sniff sniff}

    I hear the bus rounding the corner.....time for Miss O to arrive home so I had better get off the puter and get snacks and cut up the vegies for a baked pork dinner with loads of apple sauce....mmmmmm!!


    Mustache Monday

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    Some Link Love ♥

     ♥  via Handmade Charlotte: I am totally diggin' these utensils for the little ones

     ♥  via Bella Dia: I must make one of these little pocket stitch books, very handy to have

     ♥  via Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone: love this tutorial making a sunburst mirror project

     ♥  via Giveaway @ Heidi Swapp: how cool are these camera bags

     ♥  via Pugly Pixel: check out the new freebie Katrina has on her blog {photo overlay used above}

     ♥  via One Lucky Day: Paula and Deb are two awesome ladies who create the most amazing creations using 7 Gypsies products and this years {2010} junk drawer advent calendar kit looks AMAZING!

     ♥  via Designboom: what an amazing creation these leaf shaped post-it notes are

     ♥  via Smashing Magazine: this is my chosen desktop background for this month

     ♥  via The Gilded Bee: love this handmade paper/foil flower

     ♥  via Oh, Hello Friend: thinking about making these for Christmas this year

     ♥  via Decor 8: I find these little hearts so inspirational

     That's it for today! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday ;)

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    I ♥ Faces - Fix-It Friday #70

    Time for another Fix-It Friday and this photo is so sweet! This week's photo is supplied by Amy Locurto, the co-owner of I Heart Faces and the publisher of Living Locurto


    Here is how I edited the photo:
    • First up I used the Sharpen/Defog action from Flora Bella's Extra Actions and erased some of the layer from her eyes
    • I ran Flora Bella's Soft Urban action from Color & Haze
    • Over that I ran Flora Bella's Pastel Tints & Hazes from Color & Haze and used the Lemon Tint
    • I added a texture layer from Shadowhouse Creations changing the layer style to Screen and the opacity to 50% and erased any of the texture from her face and body
    • I added some Sunlight from Flora Bella's Extra actions followed by the Vignette action
    Here is the finished photo:

    Off to enjoy some of the sun before it vanishes again! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ;)

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    Fun With Paper

    Being an iphone owner, I am always on the look out for new fun apps and this one is simply amazing!! I can't believe that all these little animals and their clothes are made with paper, how cool is that!

      There is a choice of six little characters to choose from including a kitty, a frog, a monkey, a baby, a duck and a dinosaur.

    Can you imagine sitting there and cutting out piece by piece, I am so glad she had the patience to do it as my girls love playing with this app!

    Mix and match over 180 different items of clothing, shoes and accessories on your chosen character and save it to show it off to your friends. You can even save it as your screen saver for your iphone or print it out from your computer for so many different idea's. Why not print out a whole bunch of them for a unique game of snap! Guaranteed to keep the little one's busy for at least half an!

    The oh so creative Robin Rosenthal, who is a graphic designer and illustrator who specializes in designing and developing products for babies and children, is the artist behind this super fun application. 


    Pretty Rain

    This makes me sigh
    Pretty needlefelted cloud with six shinning glass drops of rain!

    {tapes from Pugly Pixel

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    I ♥ Faces - Fix-It Friday #69 on a Sunday

    I haven't done a fix it Friday photo for quite some time so I thought I would have a go!
    This weeks photo is by Rachel Durik from Savor Photography. Let's have a look at the original photo:


    Here is what I did to edit the photo:
    • Firstly, I ran Ambrosia from the Luxe Action Set by Flora Bella
    • I added a texture layer called Papyrus from Pareeerica set to Soft Light at 100%
    • Duplicated the texture and changed this layer to Multiply at 10%
    • I took my eraser tool and erased the texture from their clothes on both texture layers
    • I cropped the photo
    • Lastly, I added a Vignette at 100% from Flora Bella's Extra Actions
    Here is my edited photo:

    Wishing all the Dads out there a Happy Father's Day ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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    Some Link Love ♥

     {text brushes on photo | vinnie pearce design here}

    I finally upgraded my Canon 400d for a 50d a few weeks ago so I managed to find some time to grab a few shots of a bunch of ranunculus I purchased for myself to cheer my mood, it worked too! I sold my old camera and its kit lenses so I could purchase a few lenses I actually wanted like this one and this one which is due on my doorstep next week. Still waiting on that camera strap to arrive as well!
    Ok, on with some goodies I am loving right now:

    ♥  via The Curious Pug: Alycia interviews Anna and Naomi from The House of Mouse; these little mice are so cute and full of attitude!

    ♥  via Whatever Dee Dee Wants: these oh-so cute mini houses on wheels!

    ♥  via Our.City.Lights: anything vintage camera related is a must have for me, these are fun and funky!

    ♥  speaking of vintage: how trendy are these flapper girls Eloise and Ramona. I especially love this and these two for sure!

    ♥  via Kasia Designs: I am loving the style of the digi kits that Kasia designs especially this new one for bookworms!

    ♥  via Paislee Press: as always Liz has released a gorgeous kit at the Digi Chick this month where she is a guest designer.

    ♥  via Frankie Magazine: each year I always buy or create a calendar/journal and this one will be mine for 2011.

    ♥  via Eat Drink Chic: pretty, pretty 'hanky' love letter freebie.

    ♥  via Heart Handmade: Claire is one crafty girl and her latest memo board is a must-make!

    ♥  via Pugly Pixel: Katrina has a new freebie, vintage fabric deco tape, can't get enough of this stuff!

    ♥  via Vinnie Pearce Design: Vinnie has some gorgeous wood grain labels {see photo in last post} for download on her blog.

    ♥  via Eclectic Me: I am loving this cute crochet pattern that Gillian followed from here, I must give this a try!

    That's it for today! Have fun link clickin'!!

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    A Complicated Life

      {free cute wood grain labels | vinnie pearce design here}

    Complicated.......that's the best word that comes to mind when I look back over the past few weeks. Just when you think you are on top of everything, it all comes crashing down around you and you are left to pick up all the pieces and put them back together like a jigsaw. Some of the pieces just don't seem to fit together like they used to. That leaves me wondering why?

    That's how I feel right now, out of sorts, finding it hard to put the pieces back together.

    I am usually good at this, really, I promise!

    I just roll with the punches, take each step as I need to to move forward. Get the job done. Succeed!

    Not fall to pieces in front of an audience, shake with anger and tears when they don't see the bigger picture.

    "Children with special needs don't have an illness, so there is no cure and it's not contagious. They want what we all want, to be accepted"

    I WILL make this work.
    I WILL not hold back.
    I WILL fight for her.
    I WILL stick up for her.
    I WILL speak for her.
    And I WILL cry for her.

    Time to make some changes, good ones, ones that make us smile again. Forget about the negative and look for the positive. Laugh in the face of the non believers, the ones who want to cut us down.

    Look out as we have LOVE & UNDERSTANDING on our side! 

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